Marshall Activities

Armored format… MIC Vigfus the Younger

      10am Inspections and authorizations
      11am Novice tournament or continuation of inspections and authorizations
      12: lunch

      1pm “mounted combat”
      – Offhand will hold a “horse” with a gauntleted hand.
      – galloping is encouraged
      – fighters cannot use the horse as a parry device
      – if you are struck in the arm, you may continue fighting, if you are struck in the arm again       it will be considered a kill
      -if you are struck in the leg you must “post” and cannot move
      2pm list open for pickups
      3pm “Swiss five” – bear pit
      – Combatants must select which style/weapon you will fight from your list of authorized           weapons,
      you may not use the same style/weapon until you have used all other styles/weapons from         your list
     – You receive one point for each bout you fight, and one point for each win
     after 3 wins you will rotate off the field
    4:00pm: list closes for court/Reading of the Waterhorse
    Tournaments may be modified/dropped/added based on participation and how the MIC is      feeling at the moment.

     Rapier format…  

     Archery…. Northwoods Baronial Championship shoot.

     Thrown weapons….MIC Lord Morgan End Starre Bring your axes, knives, and spears.  

      We will also be holding the glowing axe and dagger toss after feast Saturday. Are you

       afraid of the dark?      

     Sundays Activities…… Pick up fights and Auths at marshals digression.