Business Meeting 01/27/2019

The meeting was called to order at 1:22 PM EST.

Officer’s Reports

The Herald and Fencing reports were submitted by Rurik with no further issues with reporting in the new web portal.

Vigfuss had nothing new to report for Heavy.

The Web and A&S reports were filed by Alexander, the Facebook presence will be updated to have an official group page and a private members only group. Also, all officers need to send Alexander their personal email or reach out on Facebook to get email forwarding setup from the official email accounts.

We have $3326.58 in total funds with no changes since the last meeting, a preview of our report has been sent by Sabine to regional. There is currently an audit in progress, so we must submit additional information. The banner order is ready to be submitted, but is on hold to keep the domesday report clean.

The Seneschal and Chronicler reports have been filed by Morgan as well as the Domesday report.

Financial Policy

Per Morgan, any expenditure over $200 must be brought to a vote and to the attention of the canton. The financial committee consists of the Seneschal, Exchecquer and all paid members in attendance at the meeting where the vote is held.

A written financial policy is needed, and will be based in part on the policies of other groups similar in size to ours.

Old Business

Vigfuss is to inventory the equipment before the next business meeting.

The committee for the St. Patric’s Day Parade was not present. Sabine noted that she participated in this parade in 1999 and it was a miserable experience. People thought the display was cool, but it did not benefit the group. Fliers were handed out, but after several years not a single person showed interest in joining the group as a result. Morgan suggests that if we do a parade it must be in a ride on platform due to the challenge of walking in armor for a large distance.

A committee is needed for a new charity event. It was suggested that this event should not have feast, but a lunch tavern is an option. It should be a one day event, and could be held at somewhere like the VFW or American Legion.

New Business

Vigfuss is to finish his MIT at Val-Day with the assistance of Morgan.

Vigfuss proposes that we do more demos

There is a need for the ability to bulk email the entire group.

In the Baronial Meeting a new program was announced that everyone is to be a chatelaine, a pin will be given to new people at events to signify they are either new or unfamiliar with the group. We must make 30 of these pins before our next event. People have the choice to keep the token when they no longer need it, but may also return it to the group or pass it on to a new person. We should also make business cards with information on key members, and possibly have a way to identify those members at the event.

Regional A&S is on March 2nd and the Barony has requested that each Canton submit an entry.

Alexander is to look into the business cards to hand out at Waterhorse with information about some key members as well as information about the group including the website and Facebook page.

At Val-Day members will be attending the PayPal class, the Exchecquer and at least one other member must attend.

We will be inviting royalty to Waterhorse with a scroll of invitation.


This year is actually the 11th year.

Feast will be a French theme with a grazing table. Music and dancing is planned again, but the lighting will be better this year.

All present members approved up to $1,000 to be used toward the grill, and we will approach the campground about a long term contract for the site.

There must be a manned gate this year, anyone who has not paid to attend the event must have a chaperone if they are checking it out.

During the presentation of the grill all martial activities will be put on hold.

Sabine is to look into event entry policy.

We need to expand the parking, there are several areas out of the way where we may be able to expand with the approval of the park.

We will likely be hosting the baronial 50th celebration next year as no other groups have submitted a bid at this point though an extension for entry has been given.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:31 PM EST.

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