Business Meeting 04/24/2016



We have not been having regular fencing practices yet this year, but Rich wants to start up practices at the Tridge again


Nothing is currently planned, but we are looking at locations and times for practices.


Tall Ships has still not responded to the inquiries about doing a demo.  It is assumed that it is not going to happen.

A list of skills and interests is being compiled.


We must submit a report monthly now, along with the normal quarterly reports.

The quarterly reports are now also in signed hard copy, in addition to the usual electronic. (Note: Only the Domesday used to have a hard copy submission, in recent years.)

No Chronicler

We currently do not have a chronicler, though a couple members have expressed interest the position requires training.

We will investigate if we can have a news section on the site (with actual stories and articles) without having a chronicler.

New Business

Christmas Party

There was discussion of having a Shire Christmas party at the Community Room of Olive Park in Auburn, MI on December 4, 2016.

There is a rental fee of $75 for the space that all agreed it is acceptable.

The details for a possible silent auction at the party are being considered.

This event will be open to the Barony of Northwoods and the Baron and Baroness are invited.

Business Cards

The shire is looking into printing business cards, the template can be found on the Chatelaine site at

A member would simply add their SCA name on their card and possibly an email address.  It is strongly recommended though that an email specific to the SCA be created to protect yourself.

Tall Ships

The idea of advertising in the local paper during the tall ships festival was submitted, but was rejected as it would likely not get the amount of attention we need to justify the cost.

Instead we decided that we would try to assemble a roaming group to attend Tall Ships on July 17.  This group would try to draw interest in the SCA and hand out fliers.

Auburn Corn Fest

The Auburn Corn Fest is on July 7 through 10 this year.  We are going to look into the possibility of doing a demo at this event.

New Seneschal

Once again Morgan is the seneschal of Fearann Na Criche.

Old Business

Move to be a Canton

As discussed in the last couple meetings, we are moving to become the Canton of Fearann Na Criche.  A member of the Barony of Northwoods.

This is a lateral move, and does not have any ill effects on our group.  It allows for more opportunity for our members, and reduces the officer requirements.

This move will require a polling of the entire barony at the expense of the shire.  This requirement is being investigated to see if it is necessary, and to find if there are ways to reduce the cost.

Call of the Waterhorse

This year’s theme will be Treasures of the AuSable, and we will have a feast consisting of Moroccan food. The event will officially be open Friday through Sunday.

The entry fee is now a membership discount rather than a non-member surcharge.

We will be counting the leftover site tokens from previous years to see if there are enough, but are open to ideas for new site tokens.

There will be a four-part tourney with teams of up to four people.  It will consist of rapier, heavy, archery and an A&S bean count competition.

The rapier part of the tournament will be held in a similar manner to capture the flag as a woods and field battle.  We have approval for rubber band guns.


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